Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Premium Fillet Knives - Fishing Gear That Every Angler Must Have

Fishing And Cleaning Fish.

Fishing is the fun part of fishing, the cleaning of fish, i.e., the turning a fish into food, that is not the fun part of fishing; but the fisherman isn't done until the fish is cleaned, and so it follows logically that the fisherman must know how to do this, and have the proper equipment to do so.
Just like with anything else one might do, having the right tools and equipment for the job are what makes getting the job done possible. You're just not going to be able to clean your fishing catch with an improper knife unless you're just a sucker for punishment, and into producing some really odd looking bits of fish fillet. Fillet knives are also shaped the way they are for a very good reason - when cleaning fish the proper respect should be given, and all the meat on a fish taken for food, and on a fish's body there are some little crevices and such where hunks of meat must be sliced off at some strange angles. You just need a fillet knife for filleting fish - nothing else will do.

Bone Handle and Surgical Steel Make This Fillet Knife Set One To Be Proud Of.

Proof That I Know My Fillet Knives!!!


Quality Matters With Fish Fillet Knives

Just like with anything else in this world, you most often get what you pay for. In the case of fish fillet knives, it's absolutely no different, the more you pay for one the better it will be. I realize that probably a lot of people in this world have no idea about the fact that the metal a knife is made out of makes a huge bit of difference. Probably some people think that any fillet knife is just as good as the next one. If so, then such people are just very wrong. You get what you pay for in knives, and the reason is that metal is always graded just like wood is. No two pieces of wood are the same, and neither are any two pieces of metal the same.
It's just a given that if you pay a hundred dollars for a fillet knife that it's going to be vastly superior to the one that you pay twenty dollars for. The reason for this is most often the quality of the metal involved, and a hundred dollar fillet knife is also going to have a fine hardwood hilt too. In the case of the bone handle knife pictured above - you just don't shape bone for a hilt of a knife unless you are using a fine, and high grade steel, the kind of steel that will hold a very sharp edge on it after even extensive use, and then resharpens with little effort
Literally, I've become familiar with a friend's hundred dollar German made fillet knife, and whenever you pick that thing up and pull it free from it's dark black leather sheath, you know that you are holding something that a lot of time and effort were spent on, and that not only the person who made it, but the person who purchased it both share pride in. It's just that nice. Such knives can fillet a whole school of fish without becoming too dulled. Twenty dollar fillet knives??? Not so much! You fillet three fish and it's dull, and you'd better then have some oil and a whetstone handy, or just get ready to apply some elbow grease into filleting the rest of your catch with a dulled twenty dollar fillet knife!
Following quite naturally to the facts above is the next fact, it's a lot easier to hurt yourself badly with a fine blade fillet knife than it is with a cheaper one. Every fillet knifewill eventually need sharpening, and because of how long the blades are great care should always be taken when sharpening such knives. Trust me here, don't sharpen a fillet knife in a hurry, you're likely to wind up with a very deep and serious cut, and this is the voice of my own experience on that point talking here.
Besides just a fine fillet knife made with high grade steel and wood, there are also fillet knife sets that come with detachable blades, and blade options depending upon what application one needs. There's a lot of different fish in this world full of water, and they all have unique body structures and bones to avoid cutting into, and some of them have armour, and other bio diverse oddities and evolutionary adaptations.
Happy Fishing, and be sure that if you do not have a great fillet knife, to be sure to purchase one, and care for it safely.


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